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November 2015

We are crawling towards 21st Century technology, and we now have a Facebook page. Use responsibly. You know the dangers! Seriously, folks, It was put there in order to facilitate two-way communication with you, our readers, and anybody else who hasn't found us yet, so do please visit the page: <click here>. And - let us know, via Facebook, what you think of us, what you like, what you don't like, and (almost) anything else that comes to mind. There is another "Spaceship Away" page on Facebook, it has to be said, but they don't have "Magazine" at the end of the URL, and their offering is, well, not quite the same as ours. You know what I mean.

July 2015

Amazing how long things take, sometimes, isn't it? The binders are available, as mentioned on the banner on the front page. They are exactly as the earlier ones, and we have plenty in store now. The end result is nearly as good as bookbinding, but at a fraction of the cost.