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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the 2016 summer issue of Spaceship Away. Our theme is Project Nimbus with cover art by Frank Bellamy and a new painting by Don Harley.

Tim Booth continues his epic Dan Dare strip story, Parsecular Tales and two more episodes of Mercury Revenant.

With Britain's recent involvement in space again, Andrew Darlington's The Great Eagle Space Race, provides us with an overview of Eagle's coverage of the 1950s and 1960s space race.

In Charles Chilton's Journey into Space saga, we feature Episode One of Jet Morgan and the Space Pirates drawn by Ferdinando Tacconi.

Sid Clark has produced another superb model, this time robot master-brain Orak from the Rogue Planet story.

With the release of the second 2OOOAD Dan Dare reprint book with the new Ian Kennedy cover, due later this year, Jeremy Briggs and Philip Vaughan interviewed him about illustrating the new Eagle version of the character. This is complimented by a magnificent newly-commissioned centrespread by Ian.

There is more danger for Nick Hazard and his team in Episode Five of Planet of Doom, drawn by Ron Turner and coloured by Martin Baines.

In our third article, classic Dan Dare artist, Greta Tomlinson and the original model for Professor Peabody, relates her interesting life story - and like Peabody, she has travelled widely and is an expert in her field.

We conclude with a memorabilia page and regular humour strip.

Happy reading Des Shaw

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