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Published: The Haynes Manual of Spacefleet Hardware!

Hello Everyone.

As we begin another year with Spaceship Away, we look to the Rogue Planet story as our theme, and present three new paintings by one of the original story's artists, Don Harley, a new cover, centrespread and back page poster. The back page is based on a design by Frank Hampson which was used for a huge mural at the 1950s Hulton's Girls and Boys Exhibition. Don recalls delivering Frank's roughs for the painters to use. We round off our coverage with a Model From Dan Dare's World of a Super Phant head by Sid Clark.

Meanwhile, what strip stories do we have for you this issue? Tim Booth presents episode 13 of Parsecular Tales, Jet Morgan reaches the penultimate episode of Journey into Space: Shadow Over Britain with art by Terence Patrick, and The 4th Dimension by Ron Embleton, coloured by Martin Baines rounds off our trio.

Our three articles look to the world of Dan Dare and beyond. Jeremy Briggs provides an overview of Dan Dare in 2000AD, a product of the hard-hitting 1970s, which is often overlooked, but featured some great artwork by Massimo Bellardinelli and Dave Gibbons. It comes with a detailed stripography. Our coverage of Garth finishes with an article by Anthony Jones and Claire Barnes considering his 70th anniversary and the recent re-launch attempts. We conclude with an article by Andrew Darlington looking at the dynamic art and career of Norman Light, creator of Spaceman comic featuring Captain Future.

For our 1950s Memorabilia page we show the Dan Dare Rocket Gun.

Finally, you will be pleased to know that in response to readers' requests, a Brand New Classic Era Dan Dare story in the traditional style will be starting in our next issue. It will join Parsecular Tales and more Dan Dare articles for a great summer issue!

Good reading!


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