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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the first issue of 2016 Spaceship Away. Tim Booth starts us off with another two episodes of his Mercury Revenant story, as well as his continuing saga, Parsecular Tales.

In our first article, Philip Harbottle and Sean Wallace takes us step by step from the first manned rocket to man's final conquest of interstellar space, as envisaged in the 1950s Authentic Book of Space and cover art of Science Fiction Monthly.

Charles Chilton's 3rd Journey into Space story, drawn by Terence Patrick, concludes with the final episode of The World Next Door.

In the second article, Newer Eagle - Newer Dan Dare, Andrew Darlington re-evaluates new Eagle Dan Dare by examining the final adventures of classic Dan Dare in the 1990s. It also includes a detailed story list.

Graham Bleathman has produced, for our centrespread, a superb cutaway of Gogol's Personal Phant Transport from the Rogue Planet story.

The Nick Hazard strip, Planet of Doom by Ron Turner and coloured by Martin Baines continues with episode four.

In the third article, Alan Vince provides an in-depth biography of his friend the artist Keith Watson, who joined the Hampson team as a fan, but who would, as a professional artist, eventually bring back classic Dan Dare to the pages of the 1960s Eagle, 1980/90s new Eagle and Spaceship Away. It is likely without Keith, Dan Dare would have finished 50 years ago.

Finally, on the back cover, to compliment our centrespread, we feature a model of Gogolís Personal Phant Transport .

Happy reading . . . . . Des Shaw


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