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Published: The Haynes Manual of Spacefleet Hardware!

Welcome to the latest issue of Spaceship Away. Original Dan Dare Studio artist Don Harley starts us off with the cover art from the Terra Nova story, and a centrespread showing Frank Hampson's imaginary meeting with Frank Bellamy before the handover. Frank Bellamy mentioned it in a 1970s interview.

We reflect on the coming festive season in Tim Booth's continuing story Mercury Revenant and there is another exciting episode of his Parsecular Tales saga.

In the first article, The Ron Turner/ Vargo Statten connection, Philip Harbottle tells us about the cover art produced for John Russell Fearn's novels.

Charles Chilton's Journey into Space story continues with the 3rd episode of  The World Next Door.

Andrew Darlington revisits Dan Dare in New Eagle (1982-9). This is complemented by a new pieces of art, Dan Dare meets Dan Dare, by Don Harley. It also includes a very detailed story list of the period.

Nick Hazard and his team finally land on the Planet of Doom in Episode 3, drawn by Ron Turner and coloured by Martin Baines.

In the last article, Alan Vince looks at the career of Eric Eden, artist, writer and model-maker, who worked on Dan Dare in the 1950s and 60s.

The Davy Rocket humour strip is on the back page, and the outside back cover has a picture of the Dan Dare Radio Station, which became a Christmas present for many a junior Dan Dare enthusiast in the 1950s.

Happy reading.

Des Shaw


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