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Hello Everybody,

Welcome to another issue of SPACESHIP AWAY. Our theme is Mission of the Earthmen with cover art from the story. Mercury Revenant, by Tim Booth, comes to a happy conclusion for Dan and friends.

In our first article, David Ashford tells us about, Sydney Jordan's, Hal Starr comic strip, which was published for a short period during the 1950s.

With the final episode of Jet Morgan and the Space Pirates, drawn by Ferdinando Tacconi, we end Charles Chilton's Journey into Space saga.

Our second article looks at the new Dan Dare audio series produced by B7 Media, which will be available during the next few months. Jeremy Briggs reviews same and details of the production team, writers, actors and episodes of series one.

Nick Hazard, finally gets mastery of the situation, on the Planet of Doom, drawn by Ron Turner and coloured by Martin Baines.

In the final article, Jeremy Briggs details the art of Dave Gibbons' Dan Dare in 2OOOAD during the 1970s and 1980s. A new piece of art by Don Harley compliments same on the back cover.

There are two more episodes of Tim Booth's, Parsecular Tales, as the story continues.

We finish with a new specially-commissioned humour strip, Daniel by Steve English. Steve, a freelance illustrator, has worked for The Beano, The Dandy and many other publications.

It only remains for me to wish everyone, a Very Happy and Merry Christmas.

Des Shaw

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